A New Beginning

The Santa Fe Springs City Library is thrilled to announce that we have taken the Heritage Park Carriage Barn under our wing! As you can imagine, the Venn diagram separating librarians and history buffs is very nearly just a regular circle. Santa Fe Springs is filled with rich history and we look forward to sharing it with you.

The Carriage Barn has been a staple of the Santa Fe Springs community since its original erection by Eli Hawkins in the 1880s. Having the eye for elegance that he did, Hawkins decided to do away with the concept of the simple, functional barn and, instead, built the country’s most expensive barn for $5,000 (approximately $130,000 today). As you can see in the image below, the Barn was built in a Carpenter Gothic style.

Carriage Barn - Nimocks

The Carpenter Gothic style is notable for its reflection of Gothic details, such as the pointed Cathedral-style window above the second floor barn door, the elaborate trim above the doors, and the decorative trusses around the roofing of the barn.

Though the original building burned down in 1969, the current reconstruction of the Barn reflects the same craftsmanship present during the original 19th century construction.

Stop by the Carriage Barn anytime from 12PM to 4PM on Tuesday through Saturday and help us celebrate the history of our town! Admission is free.  

And don’t forget to check back here for blog updates!


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