“A walk in the park is a pleasure to do/When a visit to one is long overdue” – A Walk In The Park by Ernestine Northover  

Now that April is here, so is spring!  Although it seems that our beautiful California weather can’t make up its mind.  But if the sun is out today, why not head over to Heritage Park?  Not only do they have the Carriage Barn & History Museum (providing shade while you look over some artifacts from the past), but the park grounds have many points of interest throughout.

Why not check out the windmill?  If a tour is going on, you may even get to see the working water pump that pulls water from the reservoir nearby.  After you’ve seen that, head over to the Tongva exhibit.  The Tongva were Native Americans that lived in and around the area now known as Santa Fe Springs.  It features a ki or kich, a family dwelling that looks like an upside down basket, as well as a sweat lodge which was a hut used for cleansing the body through perspiration.  While you’re in that exhibit, take note of the many plants around you: pine, oak, willow, sage.  The trees cool the air and block off the city world outside, making you feel as if you have been transported back in time.

The Tongva village located in Heritage Park.

Trees of all types are very important.  They purify the air and give off oxygen that we need to breathe.  Many states celebrate Arbor Day in April; a day to appreciate, care for, and learn about trees.  Take a look at all the trees in Heritage Park.  A couple of them are over 100 years old!  Do you know California’s state tree?*  Some parks have small groves of them for you to admire.  No matter what day it is, we should be grateful for all the trees that make our state amazing!

*California Redwood