“Fresh from laboratory to you”…Zebest!


Summer is a nice time to experiment with some new recipes using fruit that isn’t usually available in the cold months, such as watermelon, cherries, and blueberries, to name a few.  But if you lived around the 1900-1920s when fresh fruit wasn’t as common, Zebest Products Co. had the solution for you!

Imagine how the ad would appear today:

“Introducing: Zebest Nectar!  Supreme, dependable, and non-alcoholic so the whole family can enjoy, Zebest Nectar has all your baking needs covered.  ‘Only the best and purest oils and fruits obtainable are used in the preparation of this product.’  Don’t have time to use it immediately?  That’s just fine!  Zebest Nectar will keep indefinitely.  Just shake well before using.

If you buy now, Zebest will throw in a glass scallop-shell condiment spoon.  This beautiful spoon will help you get exactly the right amount out of the bottle for your recipe.  So buy today!  Zebest: Products of Quality.”

I would buy this Nectar if I heard that on TV.  Especially if there were a lot of pictures of food.  Not to mention, on the bottle it says it only cost 40 cents!  Unfortunately for us today, not much is currently known about this company or their items.  They must not make this product anymore, but perhaps there is something similar that is available in the store.  On the bright side, replicas of this scallop-shell spoon are available online!

An example of this item (though empty of nectar) is located at the Santa Fe Springs Historical Museum & Carriage Barn in Heritage Park.  The label is not in very good shape, but visitors can see quite a bit of the original description and where it comes from.  The scallop-shell spoon is in excellent shape for such a fragile piece.  It’s always fun to see older versions of things we use today, or items we’ve never heard of before!  Stop in at the Carriage Barn & Museum and see what other things you might recognize.