The #1 Typewriter

typewriterBefore the computer there was: the typewriter.  Many authors past and present have used typewriters to get their thoughts and stories down on paper.  Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, used one of these Royal typewriter models to write his books – but of course it was gold-plated!  Bond would have approved.

The Royal Standard, produced by the Royal Typewriter Company, didn’t appear until March 1906, 113 years ago!  It went for $65.00.  $65 might be reasonable for a typewriter now, but paying that much for one in 1906 was the same as paying $1,895 today!

The company was founded by Edward B. Hess and Lewis C. Myers in Brooklyn, New York.  The Royal Standard was different from its competition in that it had a “flatbed” design rather than the traditional “upright” design used by other typewriter manufacturers.  The point of the “flatbed” was “an attempt at producing a visible writing experience for the typist without obstruction.”* It was very popular.

Typewriters were produced all the way until the 1970s by Royal, but today their company has changed.  In September 2004, Royal became a private American company known as Royal Consumer Information Products Inc.  Royal’s product line has evolved to include cash registers, shredders, PDAs/electronic organizers, postal scales, weather stations, and more.


If you are interested in history or perhaps need some inspiration as a budding writer, visit the Heritage Park Carriage Barn & Historical Museum in Santa Fe Springs to view the Royal Standard typewriter!


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