Rosemary’s Baby?

Baby Carriage 4

Anyone remember a book or movie called Rosemary’s Baby?  If you do, perhaps the sight of an empty baby carriage in a dimly lit museum gives you the creeps.  Or maybe it would be better if it were covered up!  But then you wouldn’t be able to see what may…lie inside.

There’s also folklore where a faerie (“fairy” or member of the “fae”) will swap one of their faerie babies with the real, human baby.  Then it’s up to the mother to figure out how to get her actual baby back.*  So there are definitely a few negative aspects to baby carriages.  Imagine the double terror you might experience if you see a baby carriage with an antique doll in it!  Can we say Annabelle?

You’re sure to be safe visiting the baby carriage at the Santa Fe Springs Carriage Barn & Historical Museum located at Heritage Park.  The carriage itself is a blend of woven wicker and iron.  The handle is black wood and an ivory lace umbrella hangs over it to protect the baby from the sun.  The woven sides and front are high to keep the baby from rolling out.  It is a very elegant antique piece and in amazing condition.

Please come and see this cool baby carriage!  And when you do, definitely don’t think about this:



Or this:



Nothing will happen.  Probably.


*To learn more about the baby-swapping legend, visit

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